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BurnBehindCoLin BurnPowerLine BurnWoods

The burning of 150 acres takes its toll on the “world left behind.” What was once beautiful lush greenery is now charred land. Due to the diligence of fire departments from Simpson and Rankin County, the Forestry Commission, MDOT and the command crew, a raging fire was contained. Small fires continued to ignite during the night. (Mendenhall FD was called back out around 2 AM). The flames and smoke licked the area surrounding Co-Lin Community College. A “back fire” was set in a successful attempt to save the Simpson County Campus.

These are pictures made by one of the local fireman who did a visual check on the area around noon today.


BurnLane BurnCoLin BurnBehindCoLin

Again, praises for these fire fighters and dispatchers…your professional conduct saved houses, churches, chicken farms, and more…thank you to the people who supplied water, ice, and food for the fire fighters.

(The “lighter” pictures that show parking space markers and curb are behind Co-Lin)




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