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Thursday afternoon, January 9, 2020, a report was received saying a plane had crashed near Bridgeport/Pinola.  Sheriff Paul Mullins contacted me about the news but stated that there was no confirmation as to the truth.

Sheriff Mullins got back with me saying that there was NO plane crash.  Plans were in the area fertilizing land.  The planes fly very low and when they drop their load it looks like smoke.  When they close the hatch following the drop, there is a loud boom.  Due to the height of the planes and the noises associated with the job, area residents were alarmed.

Thanks to our Sheriff and deputies checking out the situation!  Sheriff Mullins spoke with the company that owns the planes (coming out of Prentiss) and assured everyone that all planes with the company are accounted.

I imagine anyone living in that area thought there were planes crashing!


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