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So often in our life we gain “mothers,” “grandmothers,” “Nannies,” “Memes” and “SueSues” who are not the “real” person…but a person who in our life is almost as precious as the “real” one.  I have been blessed with many “mamas,” “aunts,” and “nannies.”

Jason Ratcliffe’s nanny died around 7 AM Sunday morning, September 29, 2019.  Nanny has been a resident at Hillcrest for the last several years.  Although she lived in the Laurel area, the family decided to bring Nanny to Magee so Jason could take care of her at the nursing home.  Truly, in all my life, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grandson who took such good care of his grandmother.  Mrs. Christine Henderson was loved by Jason and the family.  She was treasured.  Nanny gave to Jason her love all his life…just as he did to her.

Sweet Nanny!  She will be greatly missed.  The blessing of knowing her has been my honor.  The blessing of seeing Jason care for her has been an inspiration.  Time is truly the most special gift anyone can give.  Jason gave Nanny that gift…his time.

Prayers for Jason and his family.  She will be missed.

(Arrangements will be posted as received)

Christine Henderson




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