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With my son Breck and his wife Carolyn off on a trip, I was excited and blessed to have my granddaughters for a week.  I guess I’ll always be a boy mom…but these girls are a delight!

When anyone comes to Sue Sue’s house, a must do is a lemonade stand…no matter that is was raining like crazy!  This year we added an addition to the lemonade stand with snow cones.  The snow cones were quite a challenge figuring out how to flavor them…but Harleigh came to the rescue with her Kool Aid flavored drops (didn’t know about these).  We were ready for the town!


I didn’t think anyone would stop!  Believe it or not, even in the rain our fine people of Magee supported small business.

Lacy Gray Montgomery daughter of Gray and Emily Montgomery of Hattiesburg.

My great niece Lacy Gray Montgomery was the cheerleader of the bunch!  She stood on the street corner waving a homemade sign in the pouring down rain.  At one point, I realized they were eating more than they were selling.  (Note the colored mouths! Ha)

We enjoyed Maddie Ellen Maddox being a part of our business day!

We had very generous customers.  The girls were thrilled and had a blast dividing up their money!

My youngest granddaughter Harleigh.
My oldest granddaughter Larkin

Thanks to all who purchased a lemonade or snow cone.  I would not be surprised if they are not at it again one day this week!

Summer in Magee is always special to my grands and friends.

(Main picture:  Police Chief Chris Jones, Officer Josh Bryant,  Maddie Ellen Maddox, Harleigh and Larkin Honea, and Lacy Gray Montgomery. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.



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