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I have just completed the posting of the videos from the March 16th Board of Supervisors meeting.

The way our new site is “set up” only one video per story can be posted…hence several stories to make one big story!

If you are like me, I can’t sit and watch something for a long period of time…but I can watch short videos as time permits and end up getting the whole story!

I am continuing to work on the “sound” issue. The Supervisors have been very cooperative…and I don’t want to get in their way! Next meeting, I am going to video from a different position and see if this will increase the ability to understand what everyone is saying.

My boys think I have lost my mind…trying to video these meetings…but I have found so many times that a lot is lost in “translation”…what I hear and what you hear can be different…and i don’t want to put any type “slant” on the story.

Flu, flu, flu…still not out of our area! I have several friends who are fighting this disease which doesn’t “go away” easily. I am praying for the flu suffers. Prayers for Brenda Cowart in the passing of her father. Prayers for Ginger Caughman who will be having knee surgery…can you believe that! Ginger’s husband Bill just “survived” his 4th knee replacement! Bill seems to be doing well but must continue to “take it easy.” Prayers for Jason Ratcliffe’s sister who will have surgery Wednesday afternoon.

First Baptist Church of Magee will hold services in the church Sunday! We all knew following the fire the wait would be longggggg but no one expected to wait this long. Our renovation committee has done an outstanding job. Our church building and day care are up to code…and sometimes above code in safety. Plans are to meet in the Family Life Center at 9 to gather as a group and pray…then everyone walk over to the sanctuary at 10…lunch following worship service and then everyone can tour the entire building! Praise God for the blessings He has given our church family.

Bats are cracking and balls are rolling…softball and baseball are in full swing at all county schools. If anyone has pictures are info, please share! (

Have a wonderful day and be ready for the rain!messagefromtheprez


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