Volunteer Firemen

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City Hall has a new and updated look!  Members of the Magee Volunteer Fire Department took on a project to removed and replant the scrubs in front of City Hall and down the side of the building to the Police Department.

City of Magee
The completed project looks great!

Firer Marshal Charlie Valadie, Tommy Horan, Phillip Magee, and Chief Lane Steele worked on the project Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Labor for the project was provided by the Fire Department.  $500 came for public works for the plants.

Fire Chief Lane Steele works on replanting the beds in front of City Hall

Our fire department not only protects its citizens but strives to keep our city looking great!

Our new look is ready for Crazy Day!

This is a before picture after the old shrubbery was pulled up.



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