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Contributing Author: Joe Ann Floyd

It was amazing to walk the halls of Simpson County Technical Center and hear the echoes of students enjoying a virtual field tour simultaneously in many different classes presented by Fred Howell, manager of Talent Acquisiton at Ingall’s Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions of school and industries, students are not allowed to take field trips this year.  This did not stop Student Services Coordinator, Joe Ann Floyd from tapping into technological resources to bring this interactive trip to Construction/Carpenty, Polymer Science, Diesel Technology and Metal Fabrication classrooms.  Students were able to glimpse into the physical facility of Ingall’s and hear about the many career opportunities available to them.  With 11,000 jobs—it’s the largest employer in the state.  Students were very attentive in listening to how employers design, build and maintain nuclear and non-nuclear ships for the U. S. Navy and Coast Guard and provide after-market services for military ships around the globe.  Ingalls recruits and develops a diverse workforce of talented individuals from a wide variety of specialized backgrounds, skills, and trades.  “Students can earn as they learn” from skilled professionals in a trade.  In addition, they can enroll in classes related to their chosen trade with paid tuition.  Students were able to interact with Mr. Howell and have many questions answered. is an online news site covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.



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