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FaceBook was alive and well Monday night as talk  circulated about the Simpson County Economic Foundation’s Tuesday meeting.

“Tomorrow morning, July 13th at 10:00 AM, at the downtown branch of PriorityOne Bank, representative from the Simpson County Development District  will meet with the Simpson County School Board representatives to discuss finding a way to locate a consolidated high school in the bankrupt Pioneer  Health office building in Magee.  As citizens of Simpson County, we all desire to have an improved educational system but times such as this need to be done in public and not in back room deals that sacrifice entire segments of the children of our county.  It time to stand up for what is right.”  (Kim Smith)

Rumor was circulated that newly appointed Superintendent  Dr. Toriano Holloway was to attend the SCDF meeting but chose not to attend when he heard it was a public meeting is a false statement.  After investigation we learned  Dr. Holloway is attending a MASS Conference on the Coast.

#1.  There was no meeting scheduled between the Foundation and School Board.  The SCDF held their quarterly meeting Tuesday, July 13, 2021 but no school board members were present at the meeting. 

#2.  Several members of the school board as well as the public back the consolidation process.

#3.  There have been no back room deals.  The board must meet in closed sessions to discuss personal matters.

#4.  The Pioneer Building is on the radar for the School Board.

#5.  Consolidation involves grades 10-12.

#6.  The Pioneer Building (because of purchase price) as other sites are under consideration.

#7.  Nothing is a done deal.

#8.  According to members of the SCDF, the covenants on the Pioneer Building may be amended  according to a ruling by the Attorney General’s office.

#9.  Covington County Hospital withdrew their desire to purchase the Pioneer Building.  (SCDF info)

#10.  To what extent the covenants may be amended is left in the hands of the SCDF Trustees. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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