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One thing about elections, the vote counting is always interesting.  I’m not sure how many years I have covered Simpson County Elections for MageeNews.  I guess I would say about 12 years.  When our crew began reporting and filming, we had to hang out the windows in the Circuit Clerk’s office to get any type of internet signal!  Through the years, the internet at the court house has improved…but I learned at many elections you can’t always count on streaming services.

Tuesday night’s coverage of the election bounced along pretty good.  Our “big” cameras sometimes can’t get enough internet juice to stream.  Patrice and I made the decision to live stream from my phone!  I had gotten a new phone hoping the picture and battery would improve.  (It did)

Election commissioners Diane McPhail and Donna Magee receiving the voter boxes

We are down to count down getting everything wired and set up.  When Patrice got ready to “plug her up,”  the connection on the holding equipment and my phone didn’t “marry.”  Drives me insane.  Everything always requires another piece of equipment to make things work!

Enough about my situation!

Sheriff Paul Mullins called out the numbers!

Tuesday election was a run-off between Tim Gray and Tameika Smith.  As the early boxes came in and were counted, the numbers looked close.  Soon, Gray pulled solidly ahead.  Gray—2328 and Smith—962.  

Tameika had several good ideas for the Chancery Clerk office.  I hope Tim will listen to what Tameika suggested during her campaign.  

Tim is a meticulous person.  He knows his job.  He does his job.  With the overwhelming support of the county, Tim has the backing of the people.  I did not know Tim personally.  I knew who he was…but didn’t “know” him.  I found in Tim a loyal family and friend man…a respected man and most important a man of God.  

Preston Scrabrough and Tim Gray

Here are some pictures from Tuesday night’s count.

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