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How awesome is the pen and case???  I was surprised by a good friend today, Betty Ella Everett.  Betty Ella is a native Magee girl who played professional basketball with the “Red Heads.”  She has been gone from the Magee area for several years.  Now, all of you know there is no place like home…so upon retirement, Betty Ella moved back to Magee.  For the last few months several  former Magee graduates have been working on a reunion of the classes of ’67, ’68, & ’69 plus friends.  I have nearly driven Ella (as she wants me to now call her…which I will never be able to do) crazy while working on this project.  She has given me a hard time about not doing all she expected me to…but hey, I do what I can!  Maxine Harvey Shows, Betty Ella, Bob Everett, & I have worked well together.  As a token of her appreciation, Betty Ella brought me this beautiful pen and case!  I nearly fell out!  I think she honestly feels bad about the fussing…hasn’t bothered me…I’m use to it!

Anyway, much thanks to Betty Ella for my first ever pen with the Prez on it!  People really know how to make you feel special!  Thanks, “Ella”….so glad to have you back in Magee.

Many of you may not know where “Sue the Prez” came from!  Well, when I became the President of our BYW 40 years ago, I started signing all my correspondence with “Sue the Prez’…and it just stuck!



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