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The Simpson County School Board will vote on a new calendar for 2023-2024 school year at the February 9, 2023  meeting. The pending calendar has teachers returning July 17, 2023 and students July 20, 2023.

Dr Deirdre Randall interviewed on MageeNews  explaining purposed changes to the upcoming school year calendar.  Dr. Randall stated, “there is no change to the number of days students will attend school.”  Under state law per Mississippi code 37-13-63, 180 scholastic days are required.

The school session begins one week earlier than last year.  Additional breaks will be taken through out the year.

September 25th-29th will be the first intercession .  The intercession week is available for any student desiring additional help with their subjects.  (This can be a child who is failing, needs additional tutoring, or a student  who wants to bump up their grade (say from a B to an A).  The fall break is 10/2-10-26.  If a student does not attend the intercession, fall break will begin 9/25.

Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are the same as last year.

Spring intercession begins 3/11-3/15.  Spring break is 3/18-22.

Again, this is a proposed calendar and requires approval by the board.

Pictured:  Sue and Dr. Randall

The video has great information.

nbsp; is a news source covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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