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Governor-Elect Tate Reeves Announces Brad White to Lead Transition Team

JACKSON — Today, Governor-Elect Tate Reeves announced that Brad White will lead the transition team leading up to the 2020 inauguration. Brad is one of Mississippi’s most experienced, influential, and battle-tested leaders—having served as the Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, Chief of Staff of the Mississippi Department of Audit, Chief of Staff to Senator Thad Cochran, and Chief of Staff to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

“Brad is a good friend, trusted advisor, and political giant. There is perhaps no one who knows Mississippi as well as he does. He loves the people of this state and he has been a true servant of Mississippi for many years. I am honored to have him join our team. He will play a critical role as we get to work for all the people of Mississippi,” said Governor-Elect Tate Reeves.

“Tate Reeves has proven that he knows how to get things done, and I’ll be proud to be a part of that effort. There is a lot of important work to do so that the Reeves administration can deliver on his promises: improving education, creating more jobs, and helping Mississippi to reach its full potential. We are all eager to get to work,” said Brad White

White has been a fixture in Mississippi politics for decades, dating back to his role as President of the Mississippi Teenage Republicans in 1995. He served as Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party from 2008 to 2011. After that, he took a senior role in state government as the chief of staff for the Mississippi Department of Audit. After serving as the state director for US Senator Thad Cochran, he became his chief of staff in 2016. White currently serves as chief of staff to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. A graduate of Bellhaven University and son of Simpson County, White has consistently delivered for Mississippi throughout his career.

Tate Reeves is a product of small-town Mississippi and a lifelong Mississippian. A strong conservative, Tate’s leadership in state government has focused on the principles of guarding the taxpayers’ dollars, improving educational opportunity, and growing new careers so that the state’s best and brightest can stay in our state.

Tate is pro-life, and is committed to protecting the rights of the unborn. He is committed to protecting the Second Amendment and will fight Washington liberals who try to take those rights away.

Tate’s business training in the banking sector made him the state’s foremost advocate for balancing the state budget while minimizing state debt. His conservative management helped fill the state’s “rainy day fund” and reduce the overall debt burden. Tate’s upbringing in Florence’s public schools made him driven to reform the education system to increase opportunity.

A father of three and husband to another small-town Mississippian, the former Elee Williams of Tylertown, Tate Reeves is dedicated to creating a future Mississippi in which all our children can thrive and stay at home to raise their children.




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