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Tuesday morning, I went by City Hall and ran into Mayor Berry.  He asked if I had seen the mess left in the Goodwater Community from Spire (gas).  He informed me the road in front of Becky Burgers was horrible.


Patrice and I loaded up to check out the situation.  We counted 16 places on McLaurin that appear to be repairs from busted pipes hired by the contract company for Spire.  The residents of the area are complaining the bumps are ruining their cars!  These tax paying citizens are not kidding!  Driving down the street creates a situation where it is almost impossible to avoid the craters!


I didn’t even venture down any road but McLaurin.  I don’t think McLaurin is the only road with “repairs.”


Several months ago, representatives of Spire met with Mayor Berry assuring him everything would be repaired.  If this is what Spire calls repaired, we’ve got a huge problem.


Mayor Berry assured me he will be contacting Spire again.  He needs too!!!  We cannot allow this type of “repairs” in our city.

Although the gray rock area looks ok, when a car rolls over the repaired area, holes are under the rocks. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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