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For several years now, I have worked with the Simpson County Tech Center. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with what Dr. Bo Huffman is “doing with that place.” I thought the Tech Center was just a fancy name for Vo Tech…wrong. The Tech Center is truly in the center of what is happening in our world. Students at all county schools plus home schooled can incorporate Tech Center programs into their daily routine.

I always thought people were making birdhouses (not that there is anything wrong with bird houses and wish I had one)… and not dealing with the powers of the world. At the Simpson County Tech Center many topics are covered. Before your child schedules classes each year, check out the Tech Center. The TC is constantly taking field trips. These kids are seeing life up close and personal. Again, I always thought people not going to college attended TC…wrong, programs available at the TC blend well with college requirements. True, careers can be achieved at TC without attending college, but often classes mesh well with college plans.

I’m just saying, the Simpson County Tech Center is amazing. Students are prepared for college and careers. One might be surprised what happens in that building!
Be active and involved in your child’s education…plan a meeting with Bo or one of his staff…he’ll steer you right!

Pictured:  right to left:  John Wilson, Precision Machine, Brian Turnaye, Electronics Instructor, Bralon McGowan, Raul Mebdez, and Don Blandon, Welding Instructor


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