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Earlier in the week, Patrice Boykin and I were discussing a COVID-19 plan for MageeNews.com.  Patrice made the statement…not if but when we get COVID.  

Patrice and I have been fortunate to miss the virus.  During 2020, we pulled in on coverage in many areas.  Looks as if the “pull in” will be needed again.

I have gone back to my mask wearing…ugh!…if I go into large stores or areas where people are located…the mask is on!

Mosts hospitalized patient are under 50.  (That is scary!)

97% of new cases are unvaccinated.  

Mississippi is suffering from a severe shortage of health care staff even though there are enough beds.

Schools are closing down.  Functions are being cancelled.  Are we back on a repeat of last year?  I am afraid we are.

We as citizens must make every effort to keep ourselves and others safe.  I am not a big believer of mandates.  I am about choice.  But, maybe we should all chose mask at this time.  Maybe we should stay home for a month or so.  Maybe we should act like we did in the 20’s.

It isn’t to late to get vaccinated.  Vaccines help…get yours!

Today, Thursday, Baptist Hospitals announced vaccine for all employees is required by November.

Should we close down the schools are just keep on pushing forward?  I am glad I am not in charge!

Each of us can make a difference!  Do your part!

Hope you have a blessed weekend! 


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