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Graduating Magee High School Senior Andy Baeurele appeared before the City of Magee Mayor and Board of Aldermen at the Tuesday, May 17, 2022 meeting to discuss the need for a clean up at McNair Springs.

Andy is not just asking for help…he is already making a difference at McNair Springs.  Andy has fond memories of the Springs.  He wants to see the park usable and appealing.  Baeurele has begun his own clean up!  He has cleaned the area around the spring head, the ditch, the bench areas AND has already begun work at the Pavilion!  

One can see what a great job Andy did on the cleaning of this area.

The Mayor and Board were provided hand outs with pictures of the park as well as suggestions for clean up.

“I would like to see McNair Springs used for family friendly activities, talent shows, cook outs, church league teams, birthday and anniversary parties,” shared Baeurele.

Bathrooms are awful.! Soon cameras will be at the park.

Andy listed 7 areas that need work: A. Repair the roof of the pavilion 2. Clean restrooms 3.  Repair and clean bridge 4. Cut vegetation growing between football field and creek. 5.Repair roof of dugout at the softball field. 6.  Repair announcer’s box and score boards at the ball field and 7.  “No Littering” sign placed in the upper portion of the park.

Work is need in the pavilion area

Andy has high hopes for the park and feels this “gem” could bring visitors to Magee.

Things to be done:  !.  Create nature trails 2. Get business to sponsor more benches to be placed in park and 3. Build a couple of garden boxes by the parking lots.

Ditches near the bridge from the pavilion to the ball field need to be cleaned.

Andy explained that McNair Springs was once the water source for all of Magee and the Sanatorium.

Railing is missing on the bridge

I appreciate Andy and his love for our city. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.



  1. I can remember playing on the playground years ago. It was so much fun.

    My husband proposed to me sitting at the table under the pavilion.

    This would be a great place to have family friendly events once it is clean again!


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