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Listen today as the Holy Spirit speaks to you in a still small voice. I would like to introduce to you my best friend of 58 years. He has always been there for me and never failed me at all.
Hello my name is Jesus Christ. I am also known by many other names. Some of these names are Savior of the world, king of kings, Lord of Lords, and many others. I want to be your Lord and Savior. I was born in the city of Bethlehem. My earthly mother and father are Mary and Joseph.
At the age of 32, I gave my life for all to have love and life eternally. On a hill called Calvary, Roman soldiers gambled for my garments. A Roman soldier pierced my side. As I was nailed to the cross you were on my mind.
I was put in a borrowed tomb and stayed there for three days.
On the third day I rose to go home and be at the father God’s side. My death was given for you to live in a place called Heaven. In your heavenly home there won’t be any more pain, sorrow, sickness or death for the former things have passed away.
You have tried everything else and met nothing but failure. Try me today and be satisfied for ever and ever. Want you make this week your blessed and victorious week.
All you have to do is come to Jesus by repenting, be filled with the Holy Ghost, take up your cross (or life), and serve Him 100%. After you do all this you can say sweeter gets the journey every day.

Rev. Richard Kight
PO Box 1161
Magee, MS 39111


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