The Lace & Bertha Horn family

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It’s almost here!!!! Christmas is actually only a few hours away…haven’t we been working toward this all year?

Blessings come in many forms:  our church, our family, our friends…I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and precious friends.  I am aware there are many around us who have no one.  If you know of a shut-in…a person alone…a family in crisis…reach out to them.

The holidays are a wonderful season but can be the most stressful.  I fight depression during the holidays…there I have said it!!! I grieve over the ones gone before me.  I grieve over choices people make.  I grieve over lost friends.  I grieve over things I cannot change.  But, there are so many things to be thankful for…and that my dear friends is what we must surround ourself with…positive thoughts and positive actions!  May you find the strength to hold on to the positive happenings in our life!

I am blessed with a huge “Horn family.”  The picture shows our annual get together on the Sunday before Christmas.  The tradition began before I was born!  My Aunt Grace Everett insisted on a family Christmas with all the children of L. G. And Bertha Horn in attendance.  My grandparents had 5 children.  From that first get together over 70 years ago, the tradition lives on.  My sister, Linda, is the oldest grandchild, my son Dickey is the oldest great grandchild, and this year baby Van became the youngest great great grandchild.  What a wonderful time!  The barn in Pelahatchie was filled with about 70 people who are all connected because of my grandparents.  If you don’t have a tradition…start one.

Thank you to the support you have given to me through  MageeNews has given me an unbreakable link to my community and its people.  You are important!  Thank you for putting up with my “errors” (maybe one day the ability to spell again will return…maybe one day the grammar rules will return…maybe one day I’ll get it all together)….I doubt it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends…and that is what you are…my friends!




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