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Friday morning, October 14, 2022, Dr. Mike Cole, Ambulance Services Director for Covington County Hospitals, stopped by informing the public about the services in our county.

Simpson County has 3 ambulances in the county; two in Magee and one in Mendenhall plus a “floating” truck that covers the county from 11AM-11PM. “Simpson County averages 400 ambulances calls per month and 275 transfers per month,” stated Dr. Cole.

Of the 275 transfers, 25 were emergency calls.

I questioned Dr. Cole as to what should be included in an emergency call.  Now, if ya’ll are like me, I would probably just be hollering!  But Mike gave some good info on how to handle an emergency call.

Your call will be answered by the 911 call center in Mendenhall and then transferred to the AAA dispatch service.  

1.  Location——-be as accurate as possible.  If the call is in an area you are unfamiliar with, provide the location coordinates on your phone GPS.

2.  Describe the condition of the patient.  With this information, the service will know what type care may be needed.

3.  History of the patient.  Again, this information allows the medics to be prepared.

4.  Contact phone number

5.  STAY On Phone

(I must confess, I told Dr. Cole by that time I would probably be screaming!  But, the more info up front could provide life saving measures.)

Check out the video!  Dr. Mike explains everything!

Have a good day!

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