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MDOC: Murder suspect was not mistakenly released from its custody

JACKSON, MISS. – Murder suspect Joshua A. Murry was not mistakenly released earlier this month from the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility after he was paroled, Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall said Wednesday.


The department never received any opposition or documentation requesting that Murry, 28, not be released.  Therefore, the MDOC had no authority to continue holding Murry, Commissioner Hall said.


“Public safety is our top priority, and our agency will always work with law enforcement agencies when the proper documentation is provided to be reviewed prior to any individual’s release,” Commissioner Hall said.


Murry received five years for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute in Lowndes County. He was credited 123 days in jail when sentenced on Nov. 30, 2018. He was paroled Oct. 9, 2019, after the Parole Board determined he had served sufficient time.


Officials, including the district attorney, sheriff, police chief, circuit clerk, and circuit judge, were faxed the 15-day release notification on Sept. 24, 2019, as required by Mississippi Code § 47-5-177.


Reporters contacting the department about Murry’s release were provided copies of the fax and told the circumstances by which he would not have been released.


The department has not received any inquiry from anyone other than the media about Mr. Murry’s release.


“Mr. Murry is back in custody after reportedly surrendering to local authorities,” Commissioner Hall said. “That fact is most important, but to characterize his release from MDOC custody as a ‘mistake’ is a mistake.”



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