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Sunday night, on Chanel 278 on Direct TV, Magee, Mississippi was featured on Dirty Jobs,  a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel.

Now, we may have a lot of dirty jobs in Magee…and places that need cleaning… but this show dealt with cleaning the inside of the water tank in Magee.

I remember when the guys were here for filming.  Everything was kind of on the “hush hush.”  Now, we can see the real edited production.

The view from the water tank located next to Tyson Foods was gorgeous!  I’m telling ya’ll…we looked “pretty.”  The series stars Mike Rowe, David M. Barsky, and Doug Glover.  Several of our local water department guys were visible at the end of the movie. (I believe I saw “Cornbread” and “Blue.”)  Former City Superintendent Hugh Dilmore looked great!  Our dear Mayor Dale Berry did awesome! 


 Maybe there should be a reality show for living in Magee!  We do have some interesting things taking place in our city…and for sure interesting people!

When the workers actually got into the water tank, the area was not as dirty as expected.  But, we got a “cleaned out” tank for free!

I’m sure the episode will be shown again.

Top Review on their website:

Absolutely Amazing

This is one of the best shows on television today, hands down. For sure the best reality show on TV. Mike Rowe explains different jobs which keep America running as a country. Trust me, and Mike for that matter that these are not your everyday office jobs. These jobs are disgusting! But honestly, the filth of the show just adds to the excitement. Mike Rowe will make ANYBODY in ANY circumstance laugh. Then, at the end of it, Rowe usually explains that the show is a tribute to the men and women who get down and dirty every day of their lives just so that we, the general population of America, can live our lives on a day-to-day basis. Just give the show a chance to help Rowe appreciate these men and women, and if you do, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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