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The Magee High School Auditorium was adorned with lots of beauty Saturday afternoon for the annual Crazy Day Pageant.  The 2015 Magee Crazy Day Pageant was held at 2pm under the direction of Brittany Sullivan Bishop with over 30 contestants.  Brittany is no stranger to the pageant world winning numerous awards and crowns over the years.  She has offered her talents to the Magee Chamber of Commerce for the last several years for this pageant to help kick off the Magee Crazy Day season.  This year brought a Mrs. Division to the pageant.  A total of 4 married ladies entered the pageant to vie for the title of Mrs. Crazy Day.  Pageants are not only for young ladies, this year’s pageant had 3 young gentlemen to enter and they also worked the stage to lots of cheers and smiles.  Congratulations to ALL contestants!!


pageant20-11 months:

Queen–Kynleigh Waldrop

1st Alternate–Paislee Bryant







12-23 months:

Queen–Kennedy Faith Blair

1st Alternate–Olivia Perdomo

2nd Alternate–Kayleigh Herrin

pageant102-3 year old:

Queen–Lyla Cockrell

1st Alternate–Ny’lah Feazell

2nd Alternate–Anber Martin

King–Fisher Blair




4-6 year old:

Queen–Camryn Carlisle

1st Alternate–Ma’Kenzie Magee

2nd Alternate–Aliyah Rene Hill

7-9 year old:

Queen–Jayden Elizabeth Rhodes

1st Alternate–Lily Grace Wright

2nd Alternate–Harleigh Madison Sparks

3rd Alternate–Layla Ouida Warren

pageant110-12 year old:

Queen–Laura Grace Bankston

1st Alternate–Emma Cockrell

2nd Alternate–Abigail Marie Elmore

King–Dylan Perdomo













pageant1213-15 year old:

Queen–Mallory Cockrell

1st Alternate–Morgan Reilly McAlpin

2nd Alternate–McKensey Somenberg

3rd Alternate–Nikki Campbell





pageant1316-18 year old:

Queen–Lila Grace Hanna

1st Alternate–Wynde Alexis Grantham

2nd Alternate–Danielle Campbell


King–Dominic Jackson












19-23 year old:

Queen–Mary Johnson

pageant3Mrs. Division:

Queen–Sara Sparks

1st Alternate–Emily Paige Warren

2nd Alternate–Wilma Martin

3rd Alternate–Niki Warren



0-11 months — Kynleigh Waldrop

12-23 months — Kennedy Faith Blair

2-3 year old Young Man — Fisher Blair

4-6 year old — Camryn Carlisle

7-9 year old — Layla Warren

16-18 year old Young Man — Dominic Jackson


0-6 year old division — Kayleigh Herrin

7 year and up division — Layla Warren







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