Mayor Dale Berry and Fire Chief Lane Steele exchange keys for check

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The December 3, 2019 City of Magee Board of Aldermen meeting was called to order by Mayor Dale Berry.

Following the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Berry presented the Mayor’s Report and welcomed the visiting firemen. (Click here for Mayor’s Report)

Mayor Berry announced that the new Resource Pumper fire truck for the city was ready for delivery and sitting outside City Hall!  The meeting adjourned for a short period for the Mayor, Aldermen, firemen, and guest to view the new 2019 truck.  Mayor Berry announced several times, “And the truck is paid for—we owe nothing!”

(Click here for information on new fire truck)

A discussion was held concerning purchasing a new garbage truck.    The board is considering a lease buy- back 3 year option.  The Aldermen took the matter under advisement.

The Zoning Commission is scheduled to meet at City Hall on Tuesday, December 10th to discuss 5 areas for zoning issues.

Mayor Berry complemented Alderman Patrick Brown for the excellent job he has done in revitalizing the Goodwater Community and his ward.  Alderman Brown was instrumental in securing a tenet for the old Magee Elementary School.  Plans are to put two basketball courts in the Washington Heights Park.  Patrick stated that he did not do these things for himself but “to make our city better.”    Alderman Steele explained we are continuing to work on Washington Park and our Sportsplex  “as a team for the kids.”

No airport matters.

A hearing is scheduled for December 17, 2019 for the property located at 571 Simpson Hwy 149. The city has been involved in a continuous  effort to have the property cleaned up.

Chief Randy Crawford reported on a problem with juveniles throwing rocks at vehicles and people.  (See article).  Chief Crawford has spoken with incoming Sheriff Paul Mullins about the possibility of a Juvenile Detention Center being built in the county.

Alderman Lane Steele told of 5 cars being set on fire near Troy Walker’s business.  The fire department was able to go into the woods to the cars and extinguish the fires.  People had come through the woods with a blow torch to cut parts off  the vehicles causing the fire.  Steele also asked for prayers for businessman Troy Walker who is not doing well.

Chief Crawford said 5 calls to 911 took place in one hour on Tuesday.  Again, he is requesting the help of the public.

Mayor Berry called for the Aldermen to go into executive session concerning  a “sting” matter.    Pat Brown, editor of the Magee Courier, questioned the legality of the executive session.  When questioned, Berry stated the matter was a personal issue.  Brown asked who was being discussed.  Berry stated Randy Crawford.  The board can only adjourn into executive session for certain matters and the only thing that can be discussed in executive is what was stated to the public as to the reason for the session.  (In this case, Randy Crawford).



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