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Do you ever get impatient with other people when you are driving?  I know I sure do!  Not everyone is on the same time frame and going to the same place that I am going.  It’s hard to have patience with others – especially when you don’t know what someone is going through.

As I was driving down Highway 80 yesterday on my way home from work, another driver pulled over in front of me to cut me off and then told me I was “Number 1”.  At first, I was like “Seriously”?  I stopped to think for a moment – and I know this sounds cliche’ – but I thought “how would Jesus handle the situation?”  So I said a prayer for her and whatever it is she has going on in her life.
How many times do we just pray for someone “just because”?  While you are riding from home to work, work to home or running errands, say a prayer for that person who tailgates you, the person who drives too slow for you or is going incredibly fast!  Pray that he/she can come to know Jesus the way YOU know Jesus – as a loving Saviour! is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding areas as well as the State of Mississippi.


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