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Happy 37 Birthday to Carolyn Calhoun Honea, my precious daughter-in-law!

Carolyn is wife to my youngest son, Breck and mother to Larkin and Harleigh.

Carolyn has ties to Magee!  Her mother, Stephani Stephens Calhoun, grew up in Magee.  Her grandparents are Carolyn and the late Dr. J. O. Stephens.  Stephani was known in Magee in her “earlier” years as one of the twins of J. O. and Carolyn!

Her parents are Dr. Paul and Stephani Calhoun of Hattiesburg.

Best wishes on your special day!

From:  Sue and the staff of, family, and friends

Larkin, Harleigh, Carolyn and Breck
Wet and Wild at Disney World

Carolyn and Beck


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