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Happy Birthday to my baby!  (My granddaughters think it is so funny because I still call their daddy the baby!)

Celebrating September 12th is always a special time.  You are loved and admired.

Hope your day is awesome!

Breck Honea & Max Mullins
Breck’s mentor, the late Mr. Max Mullins

Breck is the youngest son of Sue the prez; husband to Carolyn, daddy to Larkin and Harleigh, and brother to Dickey and Larkin.

(Side note:  Larkin and Breck were 364 days apart…September 12th and 13th!  The boys were close…the death of Larkin has always been very difficult for Breck)

Larkin P Honea
Larkin (12th grade), Dickey (student at MSU), and Breck (11th grade). (I never get the ages correct!)

Love you!!!

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