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At the Tuesday night, February 18, 2020 Board of Aldermen meeting, Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie presented two matters.

Valadie asked for Engine 3 to be declared surplus property allowing the truck to be sold.  The 1999 Frightlinner is no longer needed for the department.  Money from the sale will be applied to much needed updated equipment.  Sale of the truck will not affect the rating of the fire department.

Mayor Berry had requested Charlie to give an overview of the fire in Clinton, Ms that killed all family members except the father.

Charlie explained that the home had no working smoke detectors.  Also, the home had burglar bars on the windows which hindered firemen ability to get into the structure.  “Smoke is the killer, not the flames,” explained Valadie.  “If there had been smoke detectors possibly the victims could have gotten out of the house.”

A home fire escape plan needs to be implemented in every household.  Establish a meeting place in case of fire and explain this to your family members.

The Magee Volunteer Department continues to work with the pubic in placing detectors in their homes.  Charlie explained that each bedroom needs a smoke detector as well as a neutral area.  The Department is attempting to find funding to allow the department to provide detectors at no cost to the public.  There are two programs through the state for detectors which have rigid guidelines.  One program requires a class to be taught at the high school to obtain a detector.  The other requires installment and recheck in 6 months.

The public is encouraged to contact the Fire Department at anytime for questions or assistance in making a home fire escape plan or where to place smoke detectors.  Call 601-849-5507 for assistance.


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