FBC Students Participating in Super Summer 2019

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Nineteen youth from the Simpson County area are attending Super Summer with First Baptist Church Magee.  The group departed Monday morning for a week of spiritual challenges and fun.  Super Summer is a weekly camp held at Mississippi College.

At Super Summer, students are divided into different color “schools” for Bible study, worship and ministry.  Each school is then divided into teams, which are led by team leaders.

Students must be entering into 9th grade to participate, and first-year 9th graders make up the Red School.

Super Summer 2019 - Red School
Left to Right: Bella Broadhead, Meredith Barr, Garrison Ashley, Elliot Rankin and Neely Kate White

Students who have participated in Red School join the Blue School for their 2nd year.

Super Summer 2019 - Blue School
Left to Right: Ashton Van Cleave, Kaleigh Barr, Meghan Maddox, and Caroline White

Third-year students make up the Yellow School.

Super Summer 2019 - Yellow School
Right to Left: Jacob Johns, Mary Margaret White, Mollie Jones, and Mercy Bishop

After Yellow School, fourth-year students find themselves in the Green School.

Super Summer 2019 - Green School
Left to Right: Addison Evans, Emily Reed and Karleigh Cockrell

Students who have participated in Super Summer for five years make up the Purple School, which is the final year of participation for high school graduates before they move on to serve as team leaders.

Super Summer 2019 - Purple School
Left to Right: Anna Kaitlyn Ashley and Kylie Roberts

Students who did not attend Super Summer as incoming freshmen or who missed a year along the way, join other schools like Orange, Silver, or Brown, which Cooper Carrico will be part of this year with FBC Student Minister Nolan Bishop serving as a leader of the school.

Super Summer 2019 - Brown School
Left to Right: Nolan Bishop and Cooper Carrico

Super Summer will be held Monday – Friday at Mississippi College in Clinton and will feature worship led by Stephen Miller of San Antonio, TX.  The speaker this week is Robert Mullins, pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Elmore, AL.  Mullins participated as a student in the very first Mississippi Super Summer camp.

For more information about Super Summer, visit MSSuperSummer.com.

FBC Students Participating in Super Summer 2019 (Left to Right): Back Row – Cooper Carrico, Mary Margaret White, Mollie Jones, Mercy Bishop, Ashton Van Cleave, Garrison Ashley; Middle Row – Jacob Johns, Kaleigh Barr, Meghan Maddox, Caroline White, Bella Broadhead, Elliot Rankin, Meredith Barr; Front Row – Karleigh Cockrell, Anna Kaitlyn Ashley, Kylie Roberts, Addison Evans, Emily Reed and Neely Kate White.


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