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I received a great story from Jessica Ashley.  Jessica told a story of a Simpson County Sheriff Deputy making a difference in her young son’s life.

Saturday night, the Ashley family completed their meal at Shiver’s Fish House.  As the family was leaving, Deputy Eric Still arrived to pickup his food.  My niece and nephew were excited to see the deputy.  Deputy Still took time out of his night giving both my niece and nephew and son stuffed “police dog!”  Eric even took time to turn on the lights on the car and take a picture.  Our deputies do not only protect and serve, they are encouraging the youth in surrounding counties. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. That’s my Son! Name is Eric STILL‼️ He also carries stuffed animals in his patrol vehicle to give to children in domestic violence encounters!

  2. This article about my nephew comes in a week in which the Greater Baton Rouge community mourns the May 5, 2022 death of EBRPSO Deputy Sgt. Nick Tullier ambushed in the line of duty July 17, 2016. During those awful days, Deputy Still served here to support the Baton Rouge Police Dept. and EBRPSO as they mourned the loss of 3 LEO that day. He also served in the US Cavalry for 10 years with 2 tours of duty in the Middle East. Our LEO, serving and protecting us every day and night, deserve prayers, gratitude, recognition, funding, and support. Thank you Jessica Ashley and Sue Honea.


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