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Dog Catcher Michael Andrews continues to make progress at the city pound.  The Aldermen allotted $5,000 for the upkeep of the pound which is a first for our city government.  Michael is carefully spending the money to upgrade the facility.

New fencing, lighting, feeders, and beds have been installed.  There are 10 pens available to house dogs.  Last year, behind the pens was nothing but heavy cloth.  Now, the dogs have a wall of tin.  

Tuesday, several dogs were available for adopting.  Two Great Danes had been picked up around the McNair Springs area.  The dogs both showed signs of abuse with one dog having exposed skin around the ankle area.

The pound always needs dog food.  If possible, bring a sack to the city works department between 8-5 Monday-Friday.

The new beds now keep the dogs off the floor.
Each gage has its own light
With automatic feeders, the job of feeding the dogs will take less time.

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