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When I hear Peggy’s name, I immediately see a smiling face full of grace.  

Peggy passed Tuesday, August 17, 2022 leaving a hole in the hearts of many.  Peggy’s life made a difference.  Her family adored her.  She adored her family.  Her friends loved her deeply.  She loved her friends.  Over the 43 years of teaching, Peggy has students still saying she was their favorite teacher!

I was blessed for my sons to experience the “Peggy Classroom.” She was kind and considerate to my sons.  The boys were in a difficult time in their lives and she smoothed the way.

I’ve known Peggy and family all my life.  I grew up with Benny Prince jokes.  Peggy always smiled and laughed at his jokes. She was a Godly wife and mother.

Life was just never the same without Benny.  He was truly the love of her life.

Melinda and Kim were blessed with an awesome mother.  Peggy loved her girls unconditionally.  Then…the grand children and great grand children were the icing on the cake for Peggy.  Her sweet gently spirit was passed onto her grands.

She gave of herself to everyone.  Her teacher friends were dear to her heart.

Peggy was a beautiful woman who loved some make-up!  Her lipstick was always perfect.  One could see the kindness of her soul through those big brown eyes.

Life without Peggy will not be easy.  She was the hub for the family.  But, Peggy and Benny raised strong daughters who will continue to keep the Prince spirit alive.

My heart is sad.  I guess I am selfish in letting Peggy go…but Peggy is “dolled up” in heaven and listening to Benny jokes and visiting with all her family and friends who have gone on before….She is truly happy.

Thank you Peggy for the happiness you gave me.

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Pictured:  Peggy and her two grandchildren Bailey Grace and Bradley Munn


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