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The city says:  Bag and can it up!


At the Tuesday, May 5, 2020, City of Magee Board of Aldermen meeting a decision was reached requiring all city residents to place their trash in plastic bags and then the bags into a trash bin.

In other words, no more “loose” trash dumped in cans and no more bags by the street.

I commend the Mayor and the board for this decision.  I had spoken with one of the garbage truck drivers a few weeks ago. He expressed the problems with loose trash and torn trash bags.

There is a home down the street from me that always puts bags by the street.  It seems every trash day,  a dog gets into the bags  and scatters trash everywhere!  Maybe requiring the bags and cans our streets will be cleaner.

Many of you will remember that years ago we had to buy a special trash bag from the city and then later a trash can.  At least you can choose your own bag and can.

Special thanks to the board for bidding out the mowing of the highway.  Our highway has never looked better.  The company is doing an awesome job.

Should we be bidding out more city services??? Just a thought…

We must clean up Magee.

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