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A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 10th at 5:30 PM at the Magee City Hall for the purpose of determining whether or not the requested zoning action shall be allowed on the following described property located in the City of Magee.  Special Exception (Conditional Use):  The Thomas Chris Lane property on 11th Avenue NW between 650 and 771 11th Avenue  Goodwater Road.  (This is the road going from old 49 to old Magee…the property is located on the right past the three way stop).  The property is zoned for houses and not apartments.

Request if for Re-Zoning from R-1 to R-3


The second order of business deals with a dimensional variance at 217 1st Avenue NE.  The lot is about 2 feet short for the size house being constructed.


The third order of business is for the purpose of determing whether or not the requested zoning action shall be allowed on the following described property: The Chris Lane Industrial Property next to 1106 Goodwater Road.  Planned use of this property is a Elementary School Campus.  The school would be a Quasi-Public Facility


You just may not want to miss this meeting….all of the above information is NOT Street talk…it is factual and taken from the information supplied by the city.  I “heard” the meeting will be highly attended by the citizens of Magee especially in the Lakeview Subdivision area.  The property that Chris Lane wants to build apartments on “backs up to” Lakeview….these people are not happy…and I can’t blame them. Sure, I am for progress…but I do not want to see more apartments in Magee.  Our city needs reasonable housing options.  We need houses.  I feel if we do not have a strong school, hospital, and available houses…we just can’t grow…but then that is just what I think.


Attend the meeting …or give your opinion on this article…there is a place to post your comments.cityhall




  1. Magee has over 7 apartments and the residents do not want anymore apartments. I just wish the planning commission will not rezone the property for apartments because the residents are opposed to that.


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