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JACKSON, Miss. — In order to repair the ammonia leak that was identified earlier this week at the O.B. Curtis Water Plant, officials will be transferring product from the leaking tank.

During the transfer of product and while emptying the leaking tank for repair, there may be a controlled burn-off of the gas that may cause a visible flare into the sky. There is no need for concern, and there is no threat to the public. The burn-off will take place intermittently throughout the day today.

Anhydrous ammonia is a colorless non-flammable liquefied gas. Its vapor is lighter than air and has the same pungent odor as household ammonia. A propane flare is established at the site to burn off any gas that may escape during the transfer of product and repair of the leaking ammonia tank.

“Again, there is no danger to the public through this controlled burn,” said Jim Craig, MSDH Senior Deputy and Director of Health Protection. “This will put us one step closer to bringing safe and sustainable water to the citizens of Jackson.”

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