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If you look around, you.just might see Tayler Polk wearing his Ole Miss Egg Bowl # 24 jersey! Tayler has reason to celebrate. As a walk-on at the University of Mississippi, Tayler succeeded in reaching the goals he set forth. He has been a man with a plan all his life. Tayler and his older brother Trey are incredibly talented and smart! These kids have got brains!

Tayler and I sat down for a little talking time Wednesday, December 6th at his father’s store, Polk’s Gifts and Pharmacy. Tayler and Trey were on a mission to promote the business in the best way they know…online! With our camera running and Trey’s computer humming live, Tayler and I discussed his years at Ole Miss.

B. J. Smith, one of the Polk boys biggest supporters, said “People say Tayler has the brain of an SEC quarterback in the body of an ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) linebacker…I tend to agree.” He has graduated from college and is working on his masters. His goal now is to be a defensive graduate assistant coach at Ole Miss.

Tayler was awarded defensive player of the game in 2 of his last 3 games. Against State, he had two strips (where he ripped the ball out of the offensive players hand).

Tayler doesn’t brag on himself. He talks about his goals and how he achieved the goals. I hope you will take time to check out the video!

And girls, he has had the same girlfriend since the 10th grade! His favorite meal at Zips is chicken strips and battered fries!

“You can’t describe in words what Tayler and Trey mean to me…and how much getting to play a small part in their lives means,” stated BJ. The Polk boys became very good friends with BJ when they lived in front of BJ and Susan….and their friendship never ended.

Best of luck to Trey and Tayler. Trey is applying to law schools at this time and has been accepted to Alabama, Duke and another (I forgot!). Trey is undecided on where he will go to law school…still applying he said! Tayler is setting his sites on being a defensive coach. He will sure make a good one. He can show anyone would hustle and work ethic looks like…and what you can achieve by believing in yourself.

(Pictured:  Dad Brinson Polk, Tayler, Sue, and Trey)


Tayler and BJ




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