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Rarely is an elected official in the business of giving money back to citizens, but that’s not true at your State Treasury. My team has been aggressive in returning unclaimed cash and stocks, and as a result, we have returned more than $50 million to Mississippians since I took office.
This was never the state’s money to begin with. It was always your money and you deserve access to it. Moreover, returning unclaimed money has been our way of helping stimulate the state’s economy during these difficult times.
What is unclaimed money?
Unclaimed money is property you or your family have lost track of at some point. It could be an energy bill refund that was sent to the wrong address, a long-forgotten CD at your local bank, or an inheritance you were unaware you had. If no one claims these funds for five years, the money is sent to the state. Then, your Treasury is responsible for finding the rightful owner and returning the cash to them.
Who has unclaimed money?
Anyone can! In fact, about one in 10 people have unclaimed money listed in their name. In some cases, it’s $100 or less; in others, the total exceeds $1,000. Whatever the sum, the cash is free to claim.
How do I find and claim this money?
Visit, locate your unclaimed property, and begin the claims process immediately from there!
I am proud of the $50 million we’ve paid out to Mississippi so far, but there are still millions left to return. Please visit today. Enter in your name, your family members’ names, your church’s name, or your business’ name to start your search. See something? Claim it, and we’ll get started verifying your return.
David McRae
State Treasurer
David McRae
State Treasurer is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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