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The Board of Alderman approved three new active firemen for the City of Magee Volunteer Fire Department.  Although the Fire Department handles membership, the individuals must be approved by the Board of Aldermen.

Ben Berch, Hunter May, and Ricky Slade have met all the requirements of the Magee Fire Department and have been officially accepted as active members.

Ben Berch is a third generation fireman!  His great grandfather Truman Allen was a member of the department in the 40’s and 50’s.  His granddad, Ted Allen joined the Magee Fire Department in the mid 1960’s.

According to Ben’s mother, Ben has worn that huge helmet since he was a little boy! Somehow, it seems he has grown up over night and can fit in the red jumpsuit and helmet of his grandfather.
Ted Allen and grandson Ben Berch. Ben is a third generation Magee Volunteer Fireman



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