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Straight line winds estimated to be at least 50  miles per hour hit Magee in the early morning hours.  Trees are down all over the town and county.  Several homes and businesses suffered roof damage.

A rental property owned by Josh Hankins was destroyed when a large tree fell on the house while occupied.

House located on 4th Avenue SW

G.W. & Jo’s Cafe on old highway 49 received roof damage.

The Craven house on 3rd Avenue SW had two trees to fall in the front yard with one touching the house.

Craven home on 3rd Avenue SW

Patrice and Greg Boykin, who live in the New Hope Community, lost 10 trees.  One of the trees came very close to their home but did not hit the house.

Home of Greg and Patrice Boykin in the New Hope Community

Due to weather conditions, Crazy Day was cancelled.  The carnival which was set up near First Baptist Church was dismantling rides Saturday.

Electrical outages occurred in all areas of the county and in the city of Magee.  Some downtown areas still remain without power.

Building next to Piggly Wiggly in Magee
Tree across New Hope Road
Tree across the 2nd Street near Hand’s Nursery. The tree also pulled the power pole and line down


New Hope Road area


Photo courtesy of Paul Arnold . 5th Avenue in Magee
Photo courtesy of Paul Arnold—–near the intersection of 1 49 and 1 st Street by FBC
Photo courtesy of Paul Arnold . near Hand’s Nursery
2 trees beside the Craven home and Loree Luckey’s home
Mangled power line . (courtesy of Ben Stephens)
Raleigh Annex . Photo courtesy Chris May
Wesley and April Garner’s Chicken house in Smith County
Tin torn back on Garner chicken house in Smith County
GW & Jo’s Cafe suffered roof damage
Gw. & Jo’s cafe on old highway 49 suffered roof damage


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