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The Magee Beautification Committee kicks off a city wide clean up day Saturday, April 17, 2021 beginning at the Ural Everett Park on Main Street.

Wear your gloves and  bring any equipment needed for clean up ( weed-eater, shovel, mower, hoe, etc).

Under the direction of chairmen Lee Maddox, several areas in the city have been targeted for attention.  The City of Magee received a $25,000 grant from America in Bloom.  The grant comes with certain stipulations which the committee is following.

The work day is a great way for area students to receive community service hours.  The work day will wrap up around noon.

Citizen Chris Lane gave 16 knock out roses and 5 bails of pine-straw for the planter project.

Dot Nichols, a member of the committee, took me on a “flying” tour of areas in the city targeted for clean up at this time.  Flower beds in the Ural Everett park will be planted as well as over all maintenance.  The committee has a vision for the park which will be completed in stages.  The flower beds by the 5 way stop on Main Street will be weeded and some blooming flowers planted.  Work has already begun at the City Park with the planting of 16 knock out roses.  Listen, Dot showed me so much and said so much, I can’t remember it all.  According to Dot, “ we are trying to enhance the entrance from the highway to Main Street by getting areas mowed and clipped.”  If you live in the area, please make an effort to clean around your business or home during this time.


On Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 9:00 AM in the Ural Everett Park, the “big dogs” from America in Bloom will be on hand to check our progress and be sure we are following guidelines.  

Don’t let the rain keep you from coming Saturday.  Cleaning up Magee is going to be a great day…lots of people are needed.  

Almost everyone I talked to during my Alderman campaign complained on the condition of our city.  Here is an opportunity to began the long awaited clean up of Magee.

At least two new picnic tables have been added to the City Park Playground area

Special thanks to the Beautification Committee, Hugh Dilmore and the city crew, businesses who have donated plants and discounts, individuals who have made donations…hey, we’ve got lots of folks pushing for a better Magee. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.

Thanks to Chris Lane and Dot Nichols for their work on this project


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