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The Miller Family Care Clinic is now available for Telehealth medicine.  Patients may call the clinic number (601-849-1220) and instructions will be given to access Telehealth.

Dr. Miller met with Sue Honea of Thursday morning and explained how the system works.  According to Dr. Miller, any patient (new or existing) can call his office.  They will speak to a secretary who will guide them in how to make a video call!  If a patient does not have access to video, the doctor can speak with the patient.  The patient will be treated by Telehealth or directed to come to the clinic.

Dr. Miller or his Nurse Practitioners are available at all times.

Check out the video for more details.  Following the coronavirus outbreak, Medicare, Medicaid, and certain private health insurance companies have allowed video visits.  Dr. Miller said if blood work is needed, a home health nurse will see the patient.

Dr. Miller strives to keep his patients, his employees, and himself safe and secure from spreading or catching the virus.


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