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Mayor’s Note During the Board of Alderman meeting Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

Mayor Dale Berry advised the board and public that three properties have been cleaned  inside the city limits. (573 Simpson Hwy 149; 421 4th Ave; and the dirt work to the pool located at the old YMCA)  Berry is working on other  properties to be cleaned.The bush- hogging of  Simpson Hwy 149 has been completed.

Berry reminded citizens trash bags should not contain items that weight over 50 pounds.

Mayor Berry asked Christian Carrico to address the board on the importance of a grant writer and seeing the grants through to completion. The city is entertaining the idea of hiring a grant writer and social media person.

Berry commented on the air conditioner outage at the library. There are two units located at the library and only one unit was out. The unit should be fixed this week.

Berry announced he has been selected to Chair the Education Committee for MML.

The meter box at the tennis courts have been vandalized for the second time. The board is looking into ways to control the meter box and lights at the city park and sportsplex. With technology today, the board would like to see a smart device that controls the turning on and off of lights from anywhere. The Mayor will investigate further with the city’s electrical provider to see what options are available.

Brett Ducan with Prince CPA’s office met before the board to discuss the FY 2021 budget. Ducan said about 40 hours had gone into the preparation of the budget. There will be no increase in taxes for the new budget. 38% of the city’s budget goes toward the police department. A 1% across the board pay increase was given to all employees with the exception of the Mayor and board. First, the board approved to set the tax levy at 26 mills. Second, the board approved the budget for the FY 2021. Third, the board approved to authorize the City Clerk to publish the new budget. 

Two concerned citizens came before the board. Betty Harper spoke first about Colonial Drive in Magee. Harper stated there were safety issues with the water overflowing and covering the road and drive. Walker stated a culvert was bent in the location and asked the board for help. Mayor Berry advised he would have someone to look at the property and see what repairs could be done.

Dot Nichols came before the board next. Nichols presented pictures and a detailed listing on the needs of the 11th Avenue area. Nichols stated the road were in major need of repair and paving. Nichols provided pictures of potholes, exposed water values in the road,  and ditches that needed attention due to debris. Mayor Berry advised he would have someone in that area immediately to clean any debris. Any road repairs the city would look into and see what can be done. 

Barry Mott with Barge met before the board to update on airport projects. The runway project is now complete and under budget. The grant closeout is being competed at this time. The million dollar grant and updates only cost the city $1,000. This was a 1% city responsibility grant. The city had received grant money previous for repairs to a fuel tank. Because all work on the tank was not competed, Mott advised the board  the work had to be completed to avoid repayment of the grant and to satisfy the FFA. Repairs have been made to the Jet A Fuel tank and is now in operation. Although there have been some glitches to work though, the tank should be up to date.

A public hearing will be held October 20th at 5:30 p.m. regarding the Bigland Heights subdivision.

The meeting was recessed  into executive session to discuss personnel matters.

A special called meeting is set for  Thursday, September 17, 2020,  to discuss hiring an employee.

A video of the meeting is attached.

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