Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward a small commission – at no extra cost to you.’s summer intern, Julieanna Jackson, was able to interview her best friend, who she is visiting in Oregon, Nyah Grace. Nyah Grace is from Oregon, but this past year has been living in London, England, pursuing her music career. But, it has been a change of pace for her, since she has grown up on her family’s farm, and has worked there every summer, picking hazelnuts and combining. Fun fact about Nyah is she has just released her new album named “Honey-Coloured.” It is a collection of songs all written and sung by Nyah; it is a perfect mix of jazz and RnB. Her music is perfect for when you are driving in the car, washing dishes, or if you just want to listen to some beautiful music. Nyah Grace hopes you all will listen to her new album and continue to support and promote her music. Make sure to keep up with Nyah Grace by following her socials



Honey-Coloured album 

Nyah Grace
Nyah Grace
Nyah Grace
Nyah Grace is an online news website covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the state of Mississippi.


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