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David Dun, Zoning Director, for the City of Magee met before the Board of Alderman Tuesday, November 19, 2019 concerning issues with liquor.

Dunn expressed 4 business have applied for liquor as of Tuesday’s night board meeting. Two will be presented at the December meeting and two at the January meeting. The four showing interest are package stores and one hotel is showing an interest. Dunn asked the board their wishes for zoning. The board agreed to stay within their zoning codes for now.

How long it takes for a customer to get approved with ABS is unknown at this time. Dunn advised he had been told it could take up to six weeks.

Spas, art galleries etc. that would like to distribute drinks for their clients have to meet the codes of the state and ABC Distributing. Permits are only good for one day per month and no more than 12 per permits per year is allowed. Permits would have to come from ABS Distributing and the City of Magee.

Any business located with 100 feet of a church, funeral home, or school are not allowed. Churches and funeral homes can sign waivers but schools can not. All liquor rules and regulations are state mandated. Each city can enforce their own specific zoning requirements.

For more information concerning liquor please contact David Dunn at City Hall 601-848-3344. All applications and requirements can be addressed at City Hall.


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