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Let’s Make Magee a Mooie Looie

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I am sure many of you are thinking, what crazy thing is Sue up to now…and what the heck is a Mooie Looie!

Several years ago, when Brandon Johnston was working with me, we decided we wanted to have a “Big Buck” contest.  At that time, there was a Big Buck in Hattiesburg.  I knew I could not name the contest the Big Buck.

I called my youngest son Breck, explained my idea to him…I need a contest name!!! …the biggest…the best…

Breck explained that he and his buddy Michael Conway (who is now deceased) always called the best looking girl, the hottest car, the best of anything…the Mooie Looie!

So that my dear friends this  is how Mooie Looie was born!

I laid “Mooie Looie “to rest for several years.  As I thought about the areas in Magee and the people and businesses trying so hard to keep their places clean and neat…I just felt the time had come to recognize our citizens for their diligence and lay off the bad folks for awhile!

I want you to help select the “Mooie Looie” of Magee in the category of yard.  (Neat, attractive, well maintained…does not need to be the biggest yard etc…just one that appeals to you.). If possible, send a picture and address to Sue or reply on FB.

Who is going to be our first “Mooie Looie?”  Let the games begin!

The contest winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 22, 2023

(Check the blue links…several old Mooie Looie articles)

Nominated Monday: Brent and Susan Walker’s home/yard on 2nd Avenue
On 2nd Avenue the home/yard of Tyler and Nicole Cheramie
Located on Highway 28 behind Walmart
Located off highway 49 near Dairy Queen
Lovely home in the Eastside Community submitted for the Mooie Looie.
The home of Marcus Magee located on 2nd Avenue
Although Shelia and Hugh Dilmore do not live in the city limits of Magee, their lovely home was nominated for the Mooie Looie. Remember just a few more days to enter.
The Williamson home was nominated. Donna and her husband keep their home year around beautiful! 205 4th St NW
Located at 119 3rd Street NW
Located on Oak Street
One of the oldest homes in Magee
Mike and Peggy Taylor 13th Avenue


(Houses turned in for neat yards!  Submit your to Sue.)


Float entry in Christmas parade years ago featuring Mooie Looie. Matt Mangum, Trevor Maddox, and Brandon Johnston is an online news website covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.

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