IZZI J's Lemonade

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Meet Isiah Phillips…an entrepreneur who is changing the look and meaning of a lemonade stand!  Isiah, the daughter of Andy and Bethany Bar Phillips, took her “pandemic” time to create a company!  She developed IZZI J’s Lemonade.

IzzI J's Lemonade
Isiah is live on MageeNews.com Zoom interview

Isiah’s mother Bethany is from Magee, MS.  She is the daughter of Don and Vicky Barr.  Bethany graduated from Simpson Academy while making a profound difference in music at First Baptist Church as well as all over the State!  Bethany is one talented lady…and appears she passed some of her talent  to her sweet daughter.

IzzI J's Lemonade
Isiah and her mother Bethany

The family now lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Andy is a former University of Alabama stand out baseball player!

I asked Isiah “why the IZZI Z’ lemonade name?”  She explained quickly that her dad and friends have always called her Izzi J…so the name decision was easy!

Isiah’s lemonade kits can be shipped/  The kits contain 3 lemons, 1orange, mix, straws, umbrellas and a recipe card!

The kits are $20 with $10 donated to a local charity .

Isiah sales stickers, t shirts, and note cards.

Click here to view her site.

I hope you enjoy the video.  IZZI J will make you smile!  Look out world…here she comes…one lemon at a time!

Izzi J's Lemonade
Isiah also sells T shirts

Squeeze the Day!!!

Check out Izzi J’s on FB and Instagram


Izzi J's Lemonade


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