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When 9/11 happened, my world had already collapsed.  My middle son Larkin had died just a month before. I was working at the Magee Post Office, still reeling from  unimaginable pain. Faye Pruitt who worked with me got a phone call from her husband telling her what was happening in our world.  On that day, the world did almost stand still.  No one ever expected to see large scale terrorism on our land—the United States of America.

On the anniversary of 9/11, I always think about the people who went to bed the night before having no idea what laid ahead.  The far reaching pain so many live with…an unending pain.  Their world had exploded.

We must never forget.  We must never forget the pain.  We must never forget the heroes.  We must never forget our country pulling together.

Several weeks ago, our summer intern, Julieanna Jackson, interviewed Lee Greenwood.  His “God Bless the USA” song touched the hearts of an entire nation.  I am reposting his video in case you missed it.

Where were you when 9/11 happened?  Share your stories!

God Bless America


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