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This year seems as we have been blessed with the most beautiful year of hydrangeas.  The deep purple, the light purple, the pinks each color is radiant this summer.

I love to cut a bunch and display in a vase.  I try to keep one on my desk enjoying them all day.

Gladiolas and hydrangeas Perfect for picking and displaying

One thing that bothered me was their short life span once cut!  I have become a Tick-Tok fan learning the most interesting stuff (from cleaning your house to preparing a garden).

Last week, I saw a hack about hydrangeas.  Be ready!!! After cutting the blooms, strip the leaves, cut the stalk at an angle…then…put them stem down in a pot of boiling water and leave for several hours are over night!  I thought surely this will kill the beautiful blooms!  The boiling water did not!  Now my flowers last several days.  Also, get this, you can take a wilted hydrangea follow the same process—and the flower will “come back to life.”  

To preserve hydrangeas : pull leaves on stem: cut stalk at an angel; Place flowers (stems) in boiling water; leave for several hours or overnight. The process is illustrated in the video

Hydrangeas take in water through their leaves…not stem!

This picture is from day 2 following the “hot water” experiment!


Check out the video with all the info! is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. Most amazing idea ever. I assume just the stem goes in the boiling water, not the flower. Have seen other instructions about submerging whole flower into room temp water. How much of stem goes into water and do you allow water to cool at all? Video won’t play. Thank you,


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