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The 2020 Census begins Thursday, March 12, 2020!  Beginning Thursday, residents of Magee should begin receiving their census form in the mail.  The forms will be mailed for the next two weeks.  When you get your form, don’t throw it away!  Open up that letter and be counted.

So many people feel the census is away the government spies on its citizens.  Not true!  Each person, young or old, in your household equals to $2,100.00 back to your community.  If we do not register, we don’t get the money.  The money will come in the form of grants and representation.

Wednesday morning, March 10, 2020, I interviewed our former Mayor Jimmy Clyde who is a volunteer member of the census committee.  The 2020 census is the 5th census Jimmy has participated in.  He knows and understand what the numbers mean to Magee.  “It is about federal dollars that our city receives…about $2,100.00 for everyone that is counted,” stated Jimmy.

The government cannot use the information that they gather from the census in an adverse way.

In 2020, people can fill out the census form online.  The website to visit beginning Thursday is my2020census.gov.

The Magee Census committee, Chris Lane, Paul Arnold, Jacob Blakeney, Nell Kennedy, Ginger Caughman, Melinda Green, Bridgett Lee, Kara Kimbrough, and Jimmy Clyde, have adopted the hash-tag #CountMagee2020.  Everyone is urged to use the hash-tag whenever possible.

The City of Magee count in 2010 was 4,407.  The officials of Magee never felt this was an accurate count and even appealed the count but nothing changed.

Check out the video with Jimmy Clyde…great info from a great man!


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