Paul Mullins

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I am a crazy woman!  If any of my writings or interviews sound totally nuts…well, I am nuts!

Let me tell you something!  Paul Mullins is awesome!  He was on scene about 2 minutes after the first 911 call…and hit the road running.  According to people on scene, Paul had a plan and he knew how to execute.  We are blessed to have such a fine sheriff.

Today, Saturday, was an emotional time for everyone.  Almost anyone I interviewed always talked about prayers for the family of Mr. Blair.  Their hearts were broken.  They were suffering.  But, the men and women in blue stepped up.  From the dispatchers who kept things moving and were truly the first responders to the people serving food…everyone was helping.

There is no doubt Simpson County is a wonderful place to live.  We are not without faults.  But, we are truly a band of brothers in Simpson County.  May we use this opportunity to reach out to any and everyone who is hurting.  I am praying for the Blackwell family.  They have endured hours of heart retching pain and it isn’t over.  I am praying for the Blair family and all the Blair friends.  Their lives are forever changed.  There will not be a day that their hearts do not ache or cry for their loved one.  I am praying for all citizens of Simpson County.  Our hearts are broken for the pain caused to several families this week in our county.

A special special thank you to Angie Walker (911 Dispatcher) who took me under her wing today!  She helped me video.  She lined up people for me to interview.  She took me to the “heart” of the 911 building—the dispatch area.  She knew the lingo.  I will be forever grateful to my friend.  She truly is an angel in blue.


I probably can’t spell or write.  I’m sure I have used every verb and adjective in the wrong tense.  I appreciate your putting up with me when the sound on the video was not clear.  Ya’ll are kind to me and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Oh yes!  When I can,  am going to write about the awful horrible comments made about this shooting and capture…

May you have a blessed Sunday


  1. So sorry for all that has gone on in your county. Thank you for keeping us updated as we needed to be praying.
    It does my heart good to see a county working together. May God bless you and keep you. May He make His Face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May He lift up His Countenance on you and give you peace. Amen and Amen.
    Thanks Sue, for great reporting.

  2. My Prayers are going out to the Blackwell Family during this difficult time, Praying for the Blair Family, Simpson County Law Enforcement Officers and Staff, on behalf of Mississippi Bonding Company


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