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Ok, all you Burhead and Trojan fans from 1926-2000, a get together is planned for Saturday, April 18, 2020, at The Community House in Magee beginning at 2:00 o’clock!

Delvan Irvin has written  a book about Burhead/Trojan football that is very interesting.  Delvin visited MageeNews and we had a sit down about the book.

Tommy Meador has seen the book and said it is very interesting.  Not only does it cover all coaches, players, cheerleaders, homecoming queens…but has a “story” with each game.

The research Delvan has put into the book is amazing.  Delvan credited the Magee Courier for the years of articles covered on Burhead and Magee football as the main source for his information.  Delvan was able to obtain annuals for many of the years as well as interviewed first hand two former Burheads, Pete Russell and Otto Walker.

The book features the 1960 Magee High School state championship football team on the cover.  One thing I learned, this 1960 team was voted  by the MS Press Association, all the football conferences in the state (including the Big 8) as the number one team in the State of Mississippi.  For a team from a small town and small conference (Little Dixie) to receive this award was almost unheard of according to Delvan.

The book will be for sale at the get together for $25.  Delvan will be on hand to sign books….but what Delvan really wants is  former coaches to sign his book!  Following the April 18th event, books will be on sale at

Following the interview, Mayor Dale Berry, a former Trojan player and Coach and Chuck Akers, a former Trojan standout, visited with Delvan.  Let me tell you, these guys were swapping some stories!

I think the 18th is going to be a fun day!  Joyce Barnes and I are working on the event.  If you have any Trojan or Burhead memorabilia, please bring!  If any former players or coaches have any ballgame tapes that can be shown, we would like to have those also.  There’s nothing like old football stories.  ( Most of my memorabilia is from the 60’s.  If anyone has 70s, 80s, & 90s, please share!

I hope you will enjoy this video!





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